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Teddy Bear
Item # tt01

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4 to 6 inches. From 11$ to 14$. Model may differ from picture.
As shown 10.99$
Deluxe* 11.99$
Supreme* 12.99$
Ultra* 13.99$
The plant or floral arrangement will be similar to the one illustrated but will be enhanced according to the value added, either with more flowers or with a decorative vase of superior value.
Sales taxes may apply

Note: Some varieties of flowers may be unavailable depending on the season. An equivalent is then provided in the same hues. The models of vases may vary depending on availability in store. An equal or superior will be provided with the order.

Of course you can!
This page is optimized for search engines with as the main keyword but you can still send flowers ANYWHERE IN CANADA AND USA. You will be asked to enter the actual recipient city while filling the order form.