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Our mission is to be the world leader in the field of floristry. We are committed to provide our customers with products and services of superior quality and a competitive price. With the acquisition of a new printing process on real roses, our leadership is based on innovation and the exceptional nature of our products in terms of quality and service.


Web Florist Network stems from a family business and has built an internal network of florists reliable and efficient to process orders Worldwide. WFN has become a leader and has built a beautiful image of trust and loyalty due to his outstanding service. With some of the art technology, processing of orders are safe and effective.

Web Florist Network in present in major centers across Canada, United States and Europe:


Americans are still as big consumer of flowers and we differentiate ourselves by offering a website that stands out for its products. Our customer service is still present 24 hours on 24 to answer from your different interrogations. Our network covers almost 98% of the U.S. passing by New York on the East Coast to Los Angeles on the West Coast.


Our network of florists specializes mostly in big cities. Our florist in Toronto is one of the best in its field. With a large choice of products into our web site, you benefit also the possibility of same day delivery for orders that you can process from home or from your desktop at your office. With two retail stores in the city of Montreal and Sherbrooke, we cover almost a tenth of our volume in the province of Quebec. Finally in the west part of Canada, a single flower shop treats all our orders with care and delicacy in the city of Vancouver and surrounding areas.


Since the month of March 2009, Web Florist Network has a subsidiary in France, Paris. Continuing its development, a dozen people are working strong to enter the European market and offer its services.

Of course you can!
This page is optimized for search engines with as the main keyword but you can still send flowers ANYWHERE IN CANADA AND USA. You will be asked to enter the actual recipient city while filling the order form.